From the weight room to the trees, exercise as self-care

In the last year I’ve gone from regularly taking personal training clients and geeking out over training plans to hiking and running in the trees. A year ago I was loving weight lifting.  I lifted a minimum of 3 days a week depending on the sort of plan I was following.  I was constantly learning [...]

The downfall of the comment

With the advent of social media, we live in a world that is immediately accessible and available for commentary.  Your ex getting married, Target’s new marketing campaign, your favorite and most loathed fitness guru’s, photographs of your best friend’s lunch and all your old co-workers’ drama is all available for your paroosing and commentary. What’s [...]

Body-shaming, love and anorexia

In my baby sister’s last year of college, we were all worried we might lose her.  Being four years apart, my sister and I have not always been best friends.  Growing up there was a lot of fighting, mostly because we didn’t relate to each other.  But as we got older the connection between us [...]

Impossible resolutions to stop making

I love goal setting and creating positive intentions.  Rather than do this January 1, I do this on new moons, new weeks and occasional Tuesdays for good measures.  But not all goals are created equal.  If the premise behind your goal is negative and self-damaging, the work put in will also be negative and self-damaging.  [...]

Fit lunch box?

When the people from IsoBag contacted me to review their product I was really interested.  I’d always seen all the super fitness folks carrying these things with all their food for the day but wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment.  So I thought this was a fun opportunity to give one a whirl.  [...]

Becoming who you are

Nugget: As I continue shedding things (mantras, life-scripts, relationships, actual “stuff”) that no longer serve me, I find myself with a deliciously smaller life. Within the smallness of holding onto only what I value– there is suddenly room for massive expansion. It’s damn beautiful. Marinate on it: Letting go of the life script that I [...]

Never run on empty… the gas tank theory

So I had a mind-blowing realization while pumping gas the other day.  Perhaps this is obvious to you, and if it is– I wish you had told me!  =) I was filling my gas tank all the way up and telling my friend who was with me that I was going to do something new.  [...]

You are more than your body, you are your body

This is a weird thing.  Two dueling ideas that are not mutually exclusive.  This is at least how I’ve settled the matter for myself, that feels best for me. “You are more than your body.” I focused on this for a long time.  “I will be smart.. I will be generous… I will try to [...]

A letter to my younger self

My dearest Erin, You deserve your own respect.  In your life, like most people, you will fall down and you will get back up.  Trust your gut and your journey, but just keep getting back up. There will be times that you will feel like there is no going on.  You will feel invisible, unheard [...]

How to make social media a peaceful experience and not an aggrevating time suck.

Social media is full of people.  People with different agendas, different goals, different platforms and different ways of communicating different ideas.  Regardless of your personal views, you can easily find a bunch of stop to be REALLY irritated with.  You can, if you choose, spend all day commenting on shit that makes you hopping mad.  [...]