Chocolate Carrot Cake Smoothie

I’ve been making chocolate cake batter smoothies and carrot cake smoothies all week.  And today I made a hybrid all my own.  Omg. 5 ish Ice Cubes 1 banana 1/2 c Oatmeal 1 t cinnamon 3 drops Liquid Vanilla Stevia 1/4 c Grated Carrot 1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder 1 T Carob Powder 1 c [...]

Green Monster: How I got my kid to have spinach for breakfast

I’m all for the regular enjoyment of fruits and vegetables but sometimes I feel like I need to draw a line.  And a line I drew when I heard about these “green monster” smoothies.  I mean I like spinach and all but the idea of pureeing it with a banana and drinking it sounded… well does spinach [...]

My favorite morning treat

I can go on and on about supplimentation later, but breifly, I don’t do much.  I take a multivitamin which is specially formulated for active women, fish oil and when I lift I drink protien shakes. Every morning that I lift I look forward to my special drink.  It’s a great pick me up and [...]

I want ice cream!

I love ice cream. And chocolate, and everything dessert. I haven’t always had such a sweet tooth, I say my baby gave it to me while I was pregnant. In any case, I like to eat dessert every day. I consider it a part of living a high quality life. But the thing is I [...]

Ceasar Dressing

This is a recipe from cook yourself thin.  I make a batch once a week, put it in individual servings in the fridge and eat them for lunches or something quick for my dinner break at work.  Just chop up some romaine lettuce, add some roasted chicken (or not) and you have yoruself a great [...]