Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you take new personal training clients?
I have found that the bigger part of what I do is talking with women about body image and self esteem.  The more clients I took on, the more I found my work was always on the mental side… on teaching them to see their own strength, to see their bodies as their home and not their enemy.  So over the course of 4 years my business focus gradually changed from individual training and into writing and motivational speaking around the topics of body image and health.  It felt like an obvious change of course as well as sort of inevitable.

What kind of events do you speak at?
Women’s groups, universities, conferences etc.  I can do breakout sessions as well as keynote engagements.  I’m always interested in working with different kinds of groups.  Contact me for more info.

What is a Fit Mama?

A Fit Mama is independent, proud and comfortable in her own skin.
She respects her body and her mind by making daily healthy choices.
She does her best everyday, acknowledging that her best today is not the same as yesterday.
She challenges herself to improve both for herself and for those around her.
She lifts up other women and does not put them down.
She makes herself a priority, knowing that without doing so she cannot affectively help anyone else.
She is fierce and unstoppable; and she could be you…