Getting back to it: How to (re)start your fitness plan

Without going way far into it, this has been an abnormally crazy month or so for me. My sister got married, my 10 year high school reunion, a bizarre shoulder injury and my new boot camp starting is just thebeginningof what the last 3 weeks has entailed. All the craziness has meant an abnormal schedule, irregular eating, additional stress and less exercise (injury!) This week brings with it more normalcy. So this is my checklist as I get back to the regular grind and hit the reset button:

1) Make a plan. When to workout, how to workout, where to workout. But you WILL workout. And stick to the damn plan. I like to leave some things up to my mood so I usually plan my weeks workouts and then choose which one suits me each day.

2) Go to the grocery store. Stock up on healthy things. Lots of produce, easy snacks and meals. This time I stocked up on pumpkin bc it was on sale (Hello pumpkin green monsters, pumpkin pie oatmeal, pumpkin parfaits), tofu noodles, spinach, grapefruit, bananas,Ezekiel bread, fish, oatmeal and quinoa.

3) Plan meals. I like to plan dinners so I can organize my time for prepping etc. For lunches I like to have a few quick options to choose from. And breakfast I always plan the NIGHT BEFORE! Breakfast is a big deal. There are conflicting studies and ideologies about what breakfast means for you metabolism but I guarantee once you get in the habit of breakfast eating you will notice stronger workouts, more energy throughout the day and less desire to late night eat.

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4) With the food and workouts, try something new! Plan meals and workouts that excite you in some way! You are far more likely to stick to plans you are excited about so make it good. Every once in awhile I think Im going to start liking ice burg lettuce salads (when the bags go on sale) and the lettuce always goes bad in the unopened bag bc I just cant get excited about it.

5) Get up early. Wake up at least 30 minutes before you have to and set your intentions for the day. Make your to-do list, get a jump start on your kids and maybe even workout first thing. Its amazing what even 15 minutes alone with nothing that HAS to be done in the morning can do for your whole day. And making that kind of space for yourself only adds focus to your life and goals.

Thats it! Plan it. Grocery shop it. Do it.

And bc I said something about it; My pumpkin pie green monster recipe:

2-3 c spinach

a few ice cubes


1t cinnamon

1/3 c pumpkin

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 1/2 t stevia or to taste

1 c rice milk

Blend and Enjoy.


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