I just can’t do it anymore.

Not to be a drag but arent you just bored with talking about whats wrong with your body or other womens? With seeing and hearing that all the time? I cant go back there, regardless of how my body changes/ages/evolves because my life is so much bigger and richer than my stretch marks or what the scale says. My relationship with my body deserves more respect and love than any time spent lamenting my touching thighs allows for. Im interested in being happy. Im interested in living a full life I can look back on and think, well lived lady, you did your best and you loved really hard. Im interested in people, in how they turn things that once broke them into things that made them remarkable. Im interested in noticing and appreciating all of the beauty in the world. I believe its also in you.

I just cant make room in all of those interests anymore for rating another womans appearance or crying at my own reflection. I think my life deserves I treat myself better than that. My family deserves a mother who treats herself better than that. Women deserve better. We are far more interesting than our pant size. Health is so much more than an appearance. Life is so much better lived with a heart full of gratitude than bogged down with unnecessary self-hatred.

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