I want ice cream!

I love ice cream. And chocolate, and everything dessert. I havent always had such a sweet tooth, I say my baby gave it to me while I was pregnant.

In any case, I like to eat dessert every day. I consider it a part of living a high quality life. But the thing is I cant have triple decker chocolate mouse cake every day. Its just not a good idea, and not so healthy to eat all that sugar.

You know what I can have, for breakfast even?
Moms special banana ice cream

I almost hate to tell you about this bc its my best secret. Ready?

STEP 1: Freeze slices of banana

STEP 2: Puree slices with just enough milk for ice cream consistancy. (I use rice milk)

Thats it. Delicious. Healthy. Icecreamy. Guilt-free-y. Nothing wrong with it.

You can also add a little PB2 (Peanut butter powder) or dark chocolate chips (at least 60% cacao) for some added protien/antioxidants.

Whatever you do, you gotta try it. I think Im going to have some now.
Love, Mama

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