Lose weight with me: the workout

Goals are so important. Workout more is not a good goal. Because it doesnt really mean anything. A good goal needs to be realistic and concrete. I have my half marathon plan which Im starting next week, doing sprint intervals and hills for short runs and steady state once a week for long runs. For cross training days I will be doing circuit style, total body weight lifting. And once a week I teach boot camp which is all high intensity interval calisthenics. I also do 15-60 minutes of yoga throughout the day for stress, stretching sore muscles, waking up and winding down before bed.

Woah, Mama! You lost me with all that shit.

Well in fairness, this is the level of activity that makes me happy. 90lbs ago I wouldve laughed at that last statement. And pre-Mommyhood I wouldve told you I was way too busy for that. But if its a priority, you will make it happen. I have two jobs and very little child care. And I get it in.

That said, you dont have to do all of that. So where should you begin?

Some of my favorite, free (to almost free) workouts are as follows:

1) Bodyrock.tv this is a website that posts free workouts almost daily. They look super intense and hard (because they are) but they are totally modifiable. So dont run away at the sight of all the amazing abs, watch the videos and wait til the end when they show beginner modifications. Its really, really great stuff.

2) 30 day shred this is a Jillian Micheals dvd you can find at Target for about 9 bucks and less on ebay. They are 20 minute workouts that can be done with 5lb dumbbells. The idea is to use it as a 30 day program (there are 3 levels, 3 workouts to work up to). Its tough and will make you feel strong as you see improvements in your performance.

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3) Running! It took me forever to call myself a runner. I was of the run when chased variety when I started. A friend showed me this training plan in a magazine and I thought Id give it a shot. It starts with one minute of running. That minute took me a whole week to be able to do. Same year I ran my first half marathon. You can run.

4) Library dvds the library has a ton of workout dvds. And I live in small town Kansas. I dont do a ton of home workouts anymore (I kind of love the gym) but when I did I just rotated those bad boys. Belly dancing one day, dirty dancing choreography the next. Kept me moving. Half priced books is another good resource.

5) bodybuilding.com This website is a great resource for training plans and nutrition tips. Dont shy away because you dont want to look like a body builder. They know their stuff.

Pick something. Let your plan freak you out a little bit. If you arent uncomfortable you probably arent growing. And then do it! Every damn day (except for at least one rest day a week). If what you pick is challenging in a way that you find discouraging keep at it. Consider that a starting point that gives you lots of room for improvement.

Making exercise a part of your life isnt hard, you just have to do it. Decide its important and follow through. You can do this. Decide you are important enough to do it for.

Lose it with me! Mama

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