Nobody puts baby in the corner

One of my favorite rituals in my life right now is waking up at 5:30am on Friday mornings. The only possible explanationfor this is one of my dearest friends, Teddy, comes over and works out with me. Its sometimes hard and sometimes fun but we finish off with catching up over breakfast which makes even the hard days pretty awesome. We used to do serious lifting in the garage gym but its wayto cold for that right now so weve movedinsideand will be trying new workout dvds and review them for you!

Which bring me to: The dirty dancing workout.

First of all who can resist this idea? If you are like me you have watched that movie over and over and perhaps even watched the dance scenes on repeat to try to learn the moves. Maybe it involved a chair. You didnt? Oh, um me neither.

I had high hopes for this dvdas well as reasonable expectations as it takes a lot to hold my interest in a fitness dvd. Id say it delivered on many levels.

There is a male and female instructor as well as a plethora of back up dancers. I cant lie we were both slightly distracted by the tacky and slightly hilarious clothing they were all wearing. But in the end this just adds to the entertainment value.

The instruction is okay. It moves pretty quickly and if you were really going to go out and perform the routines you would have to go over the instruction part more than a few times. The same is true if you wanted this to be an incredible workout. We were a little lost through some of the routines which encouraged lots of laughing but not so much sweating.

They teach routines (which repeat themselves) to Love Man, Yes, Johnnys Mambo, and Do You Love Me. I have to say Do You Love Me was my favorite. The routine was simple to follow and I just love that song. At the end there is a Saturday night dance party option where all the songs are played in a row with zero instruction. To further illuminate the dance party theme the dancers all change into theirfancy dirty dancing digs. More entertainment.

In terms of what I keep in my normal rotation this dvdwouldnt make the cut. But I knew that going in. I like fitness dvdsthat are fast paced, keep your heart rate up and present a huge challenge. This dvd did not do that. Although Im sure if I took the time to really learn the routines it would make for great cardio.

But it was a ton of fun. I dont remember laughing that much at that hour in a long time and it gave us something new and completely different to try. I would give this a big recommendation if you like the movie and the idea of dancing around to the music sounds fun. If you are looking for a new way to sculpt your body and take your workouts very seriously Love Man may not be for you.

If you try it let me know what you think!

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