Perhaps the only piece of equipment you will ever need

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of my favorite ways to workout. It can be done staring at a clock with a second hand. But if you find yourself doing them regularly, it may be worth your time to invest in an actual interval timer.

Enter- Gymboss.

Gymboss recently contacted me to try their product and I was more than happy to do so. I have an interval timer app on my phone, but often times it shuts down if I am also listening to music or just because its on the fritz. For my personal workouts at the gym I like the option of it being silent (vibrate) as well.

But Im getting ahead of myself. So first off, it looks like a pager. Which, if you have been alive at least as long as I have, this should be quite nostalgic. To that end, Im pretty sure people at my gym think Im wearing a pager. Which is an added bonus as I look like the coolest kid in school circa 95.

You can set it to any intervals you want. I tend to do tabata with most exercises (40 seconds on 20 seconds rest for 4 minutes) which works great with strength training moves, sprint intervals, plyometrics, jump rope just about anything. It makes your workout fast and intense and your new pager makes it easier to know when to stop and go.

I also love using this kind of workout in groups or bootcamp style classes. Its a great way to get everyone doing the same workout but at their own pace. Counting reps together can be a good thing, but I find everyone gets a better workout when they are able to push themselves, but on their own accord.

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I also find that working out this way on my own I am more conscious of my rest periods and generally get a better workout overall.

The gymboss is probably the most effective piece of exercise equipment you can get for $19.99. It also acts as a stop watch for your planks or anything else you want to time. You could start racing your friends. Or at least kick your own behind in the gym.

*Not a compensated review. They gave me one to try*

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