The fit mama difference

My goal as a trainer is a little different than many others in this business. I dont want you to need me. I want to teach you to fish, so to speak.

My goal is to teach you a healthy way to approach food mentally and the education you need to be able to see through all the BS in the diet and health food industries so that you are able to make good choices for yourself and your family (or future family). I dont ask you to count calories or points or carbs or anything like that. I approach wellness from the standpoint of what would work for your life with a baby step program to make that lifestyle change you always hear about but no one seems to know how to obtain. I want to give you the tools you need to put together your own workouts and strategies to keep you on track.

That being said I dont work with you and send you on your way. When you feel you have gained everything you want or need from my program I will set you up with additional workouts, lots of resources and am always available for continued support. You will have a plan but more importantly: you will know how to make your own plan.

I realize this isnt a great business model. Traditionally the way to keep people invested in a fitness or diet program is to hook them on a product or service that they then feel they need to rely on to stay on track. It makes sense. It makes dollars, actually. But my background is in social work so my motivators have never been of the green variety. Yes, Im making a living. But I believe, perhaps even naively, that helping people in a way I feel good about will be more rewarding than financial success and that at the end of the day its these very ideals that will lead more people to me.

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Why? Well what Ive set out to do is change the world. Or at least some of my little corner of it. Hows that for a lofty goal? :)

Here is what I believe.

1) There is a lot right going on in this country if you are looking for it. There is also a lot that concerns me. And Im not talking politically (Ive no real interest in delving into politics here as I dont want to make health a liberal or conservative issue, ask me personally and Ill tell you what I think about just about anything). Every social problem that exists in this country could only be made better if the people (all people) were healthier. Mental health, spiritual well-being (however you define this) and physical health would all improve if we ate healthier and exercised more (Notice I didnt say eat less, exercise more a mantra I dont believe in either). We were made to be hunters and gatherers. We werent meant to eat hamburger helper and sit incubicles. Im not suggesting you quit your job and buy a bow and arrow, but that you might consider eating more naturally and moving around more. This is easier said than done as countless industries have been created to feed us half-truths and keep us unfit.

2) To change the world you have to change the children. To change the children you have to change the family. And to change a family you change the mother.

So Im going straight to the mothers/ will be mothers. I want us to be better examples for our children. I want us to feel better so we can be better in our lives. I want us to love ourselves more so we can lift up others instead of put each other down inlieu of looking in the mirror.I want the little girl I used to be to see countless examples of health around her, and women feeling beautiful exactly how they are. You can tell your children all day that they are wonderful and special just the way they are but if they see you treat yourself in a way that isnt showing that same respect and love it is that message they carry into the world. Dont feel badly about this, just do better! So for me, this is my part in that dream.

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So again, if you are looking for someone to pay to workout with you all the time, I can be that lady. Ill show up, I bet youll like me, well work toward your goals and it will be great. I will still be nudging you on a gradual path to more natural eating. I will still be teaching, you will still walk away with the tools. Some people want the one on one interaction or need it to stay motivated. I can do that, and Id love to. But if you want to make a long term investment in your health and dont want to rely on me alone for your progress I think thats great too!

Getting healthier changed every bit of my life. I want to pass that on. I want you to know that you can have a healthy body that you are proud of, ditching insecurity and feel energized instead of worn out you just need to believe it, and you may need some tools. Id love to help you with that.

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