What the heck is Booty-Camp?

Im so excited to be teaming up with Bombshell to offer Bombshell Booty-Camp this summer! But this isnt just a run of the mill boot camp with lunges and drill sargents Yes there will be lunges. But SO much more.

The way I work with all of my programs is I want those involved to walk away confident that they CAN do this on their own. With weekly nutrition challenges to get your eating on track for good, one small goal at a time, you will learn a lot about how what you put in your body effects you and be able to feel the difference a lifestyle change makes. You also get print outs of the workouts to do each week between classes to stay on track on your own. You have 24/7 access to a personal trainer (me) for your whole summer to answer questions about your progress. All of that alone is the jist of my online training option and thats before we even get into the actual classes.

Classes will be held bi-weekly. Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm we will have a running clinic suitable for regular runners and the complete novice. We will be starting with basic walk- run intervals and progressing from there. Saturday mornings at 10am will be the booty-camp classes which will include strength training, interval training, pilates and a little yoga action. We will also feature guest teachers including burlesque dancing, zumba, belly dancing, cane dancing, kick boxing and more. There are a few take home goodies from some of the classes. Now Ive never belly danced in my life so for those of you who may be intimidated by some of this, join the club! The whole idea is just to get out of your comfort zone and get fit!

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The class sizes will be kept small enough that we will get to know each other and laugh our way through the awkwardness of doing new things together!

We also have your summer fun taken care of with fun outings as a group. A littlekaraoke( I hear Carol Ann is awesome), a clothes trading party, all kinds of fun stuff as a group.

AND as if that above isnt enough to get excited about, when youve paid in full you get a mini-bombshell session INCLUDED! Hello! New food habits, new exercises, new clothes, new habits, new body and a pin up to celebrate at the end!

So yes, we will lunge, and your booty will thank you. But booty-camp is about having fun, feeling sexy, trying new things, meeting new people and changing your life! Space is limited so contact me today!!

Im excited!! Can you tell? Look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Mama

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