Why I don’t sell things

Lots of fitness folks sell things. I am mostly writing this post so that I dont have to type it out every time I am approached by a company or representative about selling things (which is daily). I have zero problems with people selling things in fitness. There are products/services I appreciate more than others. There are sales tactics I think are more tasteful than others. But the bottom line is, I wouldnt feel right about doing it myself.

Most of the women who follow me do so because they identify with my story. The struggle with self esteem and self worth I am open about draws them to me. And they look for motivation/inspiration to transform their mindsets and bodies. I think this is rad.

I have built a following with messages about being good enough and being empowered, with a little sass thrown in too. I do not plan to use the following I have built on my own platform to promote a product or business that has nothing to do with me and my journey. To me, regardless of how I approached it, any product I associate my brand with gets my before and after picture. No matter how I put it, people will see my progress as the result of magic shake I start selling, or whatever. I find this deceitful. Though from a financial standpoint, I should totally slap my before/after on a product and sell it like a magic bean. But thats not how I did this.

I have done giveaways for things I feel dont conflict with my message, and I work as an ambassador for pv.body(a workout clothes subscription, that I actually use and pay for) because workout clothes were a part of my journey. =) And getting nice yoga pants does not promote magic results. Other programs/supplements/diet products I have not used (which is everything) I will not promote.

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