Why women love to hate Victoria’s Secret models

So the Victorias Secret fashion sh0w was tonight. I didnt watch it. Not on some principleI just didnt know it was on. And its honestly something Im not into. But I do watch facebook and it was blowing UP with women. Only women. Talking about the models.

Some of them said they were attractive. Mostly they said they were too skinny and not real. *To be fair to my friends, the comments that sent me to the keyboard were all people I dont know on friends walls Im not picking on you.*

THOSE WOMEN ARE REAL. They are real women. Real live women. They have real vaginas that bleed just like yours and mine. They get mood swings and sometimes have too many feelings. They have been heart broken, elated, suffered loss, discomfort and great joy. They are someones baby, sister, lover, wife and some may be someones Mama.

It is possible that some of them did unhealthy things to be as small as Im sure they are required to be for that show. But Im sure you know MANY people who do unhealthy things to their bodies on a regular basis. Hell, you have probably done really unhealthy things to your body. Not to mention to become obese usually requires doing really unhealthy things to ones body but this does not send most on-looking women into an uproar.

Hating on these chicks is about our own insecurities. Period. And you can tell me until you are blue in the face that you dont want to look like them, that you want to look real. But again, how you feel about me is between you and your self esteem!

When you feel good about you, you dont attack others.

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Now Im not saying we are all supposed to look like that. I know there are little girls watching this who now feel badly because they dont look like those women. I have been the girl looking at pictures of women like that in magazines and hating myself. But little girls dont have to look to the runway to learn to hate their bodies. The much more powerful message comes from the women around them. The women in their homes, in their families and in their lives.

You are the teacher. Not the lingerie store. They sell fantasy. HELLO, its a lingerie store. You know damn well lingerie is for catching a mate and keeping them in a good mood, not for your everyday run to the grocer. Thats what the granny draws are for. I mean, uh what are we talking about?

Victorias secret is not responsible for your body image. Victorias secret women are real people. And while Im sure they arent at home right now boo-hoo-ing because women across the world are all hating on them right now, that doesnt make it right.

Can you imagine men doing this? A bunch of grown ass men running to the message boards like, Did you see that dudes abs? Totally unrealistic. Men dont do this. They also dont have eating disorders at shockingly high rates. They arent near as likely to kill themselves to be a particular size foraesthetics. And I think that has MUCH more to do with the fact that they arent busy hating themselves and each other than it has to do with a panty store.

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Do I think it would be totally rad for brands like this to represent more flavors from the vast spectrum of what is a beautiful woman. Oh God yes. Id like to see more cultures, subcultures, body types, ages because damn it women are beautiful. Unfortunatelythey have chosen to represent a very narrow demographic. But that doesnt mean those women arent beautiful.

If some of them did unhealthy things to look the way they did tonight, I hope they make healthy choices in the future. I in no way condone abusing your body in any way. I also hope you make healthy choices in your future. But I think its a little wack that we all jump on the super-health band wagon when it means we get to hate on other women and not when it comes to our own dinner choices and exercise programs (or lack there of).

Bottom line; I think calling thin women unreal is shitty. Lifting yourself up doesnt have to come from putting others down. And if you are concerned about the messages the media sends to girls, perhaps you should consider the one that comes from your own mouth first. And it would be way awesome if that message wasnt to verbally abuse those who make you feel insecure.

You are totally beautiful. Dont be an asshole.

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