How I let go of self-hate, and discovered my beautiful

This is the most requested post I’ve ever written.  Whenever I post something about accepting my body the way that it is, women respond with cheers and often astonishment.  “How do I get there?”  “How do you do that?” “Where do you start?” I wish I could offer a simple step by step tutorial to [...]

What I “really” look like, a perfectly healthy body in more and less flattering photos

  I’m a beautiful woman.  Sorry I’m not sorry if that is off-putting.  I believe I am a beautiful woman and that is important to me.  I don’t think that is vain.  It has nothing to do with how I look compared to other women, how many dudes would want to have sex with me [...]

So apparently I’m an emotional eater

Unless you’ve been living under a rock where Oprah’s show topics don’t come into your consciousness, you’ve heard the term “emotional eating.”  It, however, has never been a concept that resonated with me and my behavior.  The idea of being “hungry” but not for food, also didn’t resonate.  My thinking was more, “I’m hungry… for [...]

Start where you are at. A lesson I’m re-learning.

I have never needed to be the best.  I remember taking debate in high school and doing really well.  My partner and I won novice state.  I enjoyed it.  But I hated that others in my class would get overly excited when they found evidence against my case.  When during the in class tournament it was [...]

How I manage depression with exercise.

I have a history of depression.  We’ll go ahead and add this to the list of things I disclose here that while I’m not at all ashamed of it, I wouldn’t want to walk around with a sign around my neck announcing it either.  That said, I feel like a lot of what I talk [...]

I’ve tried everything, but nothing works

I used to say that all the time.  I believed it.  And if you are reading this it is entirely possible that you believe this too.  So take a deep breath because I’m about to share with you a hard truth that hopefully you will find liberating. A healthy intake of food and effective exercise [...]

Finding your happy weight

Most women I come across have a weight ideal somewhere between 120 and 150 depending on their body type and height.  Some just want to feel healthy and strong.  Some want muscle definition.  Some want to be soft with a flat stomach.  But regardless of your aesthetic goals you have to be realistic about what [...]

6 ways you are already screwing up your new resolutions.

  Ok, so sometimes I have harsh titles.  But it makes you fucking look.  Perhaps you are not one of these people.  If you are I am not mocking you or hoping your resolutions fail.  To the contrary we are less than a week into the new year, so hopefully if you are making any [...]

Loving your imperfect body

Most women would like to change something about their bodies.  Rather it’s losing the last 5 pounds or 100, we all seem to look in the mirror and see flaws.  I have plenty of them. *I’ve got stretch marks on my belly and a little extra skin from carrying a baby in it and some cellulite on [...]

Lessons learned in the boys club

It wasn’t that long ago that I walked by the weight room at the gym wishing I could go in there.  No, there was no “No girls allowed” sign or line of spectators ready to evaluate my knowledge (or lack there of), however both felt present.  What I saw in there was weights that were big [...]