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Your Body Mass Index, or BMI is used to estimate your healthy body weight based on height. There is no single ideal BMI, because a lot of factors such as bone structure, body type and age can impact your BMI. To calculate your BMI, input your height and weight below and click the Calculate button.


Not happy with your number? Two years ago, I was in the obese range. You can change. The only thing standing between you and that healthy range is yourself. If youre ready to live your life to its potential, take that first critical step. Contact me today!

Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function optimally. Too many calories adds on pounds, and too few calories can slow down your metabolism and cause you to lose muscle and store fat. To calculate your daily caloric needs, fill out your gender, height, age and weight below. And remember, if you arent always meeting this exact number, dont feel defeated. Your life does not revolve around the number of calories you consume.

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