I started working with Erin, doing distance training, about six weeks ago. A coworker/mutual friend told me I should check out her blog and when I did I instantly connected to all of Erins ideas about fitness and nutrition and being a role model to her daughter. I have always wanted to work with a trainer but felt sort of intimidated by big gyms and scheduled meeting times. After becoming a mother myself, I realized that I had to make working out and eating healthy a priority to keep up the energy levels that being a fun mom requires. When I tried to tackle that feat by myself, it was just a little overwhelming to me. I would try to make too many changes all at once and then when I ineveitably failed, I would just give up altogether. Erins approach to making changes and focusing on one nutrition aspect at a time gives me more of a sense of accomplishment. And her workoutswow! I swear I have workout ADD and the stuff she sends me each week is so high-energy and fast paced that there is no opportunity to get bored or to let my mind wander! When I see a new workout in my inbox, I get excited to get home to try it out!! A great perk to doing distance training with Erin is that she provides workouts that I can do at home, anytime, with minimal equipment. Already in the six weeks that we have been working together, I am noticing better fitting pants (yay!) but more importantly to me, huge strength gains and much faster paces when I go for long runs. My goal is to run the Lincoln Marathon in May. Nutrition-wise, I feel that I am much more aware of the choices that I am making at every meal, swapping out yucky breads for whole grains and adding veggies and protein to everything. I am so thankful to have found FitMama Training and to be well on my way to meeting some of my long-held fitness goals!

-Allison Van Boening: Independent business owner; Lincoln, NE

Working with Erin from Fit Mama Training has been one of the best things Ive done for myself. Erin offers real-life solutions to real-life problems, and has helped me make important lifestyle changes that are manageable. Without my realizing, Im working out more, enjoying getting moving, and eating healthier than I ever have before. And for the first time, Im starting to see lasting results in not only my body shape, weight, and strength, but also my overall perspective and confidence. Im down thirteen pounds and five and a half inches, and I know this is just the beginning. Fit Mama Training has been a wonderful investment for my health and the well-being of my family, and could be for you as well!

-Caitlin Johnson Hernandez, M.S.
CPSY Doctoral Candidate, Texas A&M University

When I ran into Erin after her transformation I was amazed and inspired. Seeing her validated my own goals, struggles and self-worth. Her willingness to offer advice, anecdotes and acceptance has put me back on track more than she can possibly know.

– Tracy Hull, Child Advocate; Kansas City, MO

Thanks to my Fit Mama training, Ive lost a total of 9.5 inches on arms, chest, waist and hips! All lost after only 3 weeks of training. Thank you Erin! My energy is up x100 and Ive never felt so good and proud of myself.

Teddy VanNess; Legal Assitant, Lawrence, KS

I have known Erin for fifteen years, and had the privilege of witnessing her transformation firsthand. Ive been inspired by her weight loss, but even more by the happiness and confidence that she radiates. Its truly infectious. I began working out with Erin this summer, and am now eating better and moving around a whole lot more. My body is more fit, I have more energy, and I wake up excited to work out most days! Erin is a phenomenal trainer, motivator, workout buddy, food enthusiast, and confidante.

-Kate Lorenz: Writer; Lawrence, KS

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