Client Feature; Ms. Rachael!

I started out with this super important confidentiality clause (in my head) with clients as I come from the social work world where you would never even acknowledgea client on the street unless they address you first. Its kind of a huge deal. But as Ive adjusted to my new world here Ive found that the people I work with really enjoy recognition (as well they should) for their efforts. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with and wanted to pass on that inspiration to you. I dont know how often I will feature clients. So Well call it the Client of the Moment as opposed to week or whatever.


Rachael emailed me awhile ago. We discussed rates, plans and options and she opted for one on one training. When I got her initial questionnaire back she already felt like a friend. Her goals were simple. She wanted to rock a tank top without thinking about it. And be a healthier, stronger, sexier version of herself.

I almost always see myself in my clients and this was no exception.

So we met for the first time this week. Rachael is someone who (like many people) had not consistentlyworked out in a long time. She has some DVDs she enjoys and knows how to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, but in spite of best intentions needed a push.

I put together a simple circuit for her which I was prepared to modify based on her level of fitness upon meeting. Girl, when I say she blew it out of the water Im not kidding! She knocked out an incredible amount of squats, lunges, arm work and tough total body workout. She did it with heavier weights than I usually start clients with and pushed through every rep with her whole heart.

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She broke a sweat and then some. Then we moved on to 100! ab exercises with little rest and finished with a plank. She looked at me like most of my clients do when I use that word. If I could translate the look it might say Are you f-ing serious right now?! I told her I like to use the plank in workouts because its a great way to see progress in strength. I wanted her to shoot for 10 seconds and add to it for her next workout.

30 seconds. A 30 second plank is no joke. I told her Id like her to WORK UP TO a 30 second plank so she went ahead and pushed through 30 seconds right then and there.

I found her humor, honesty and drive inspiring. For someone who isnt a gym regular she definitelyshowed up ready to work. Work she did, surpassing all of my expectations for a first sessions.

So heres to you Rachael! Youre already the stronger, sexier version of yourself but you are well on your way to seeing yourself that way!


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