Interval Training

Good news and bad news The good news is research tells us that you can see greater calorie burn and more significant increases in metabolic rate by spending LESS time exercising. Amazing right?

The bad news is, you have to work a lot harder in the shorter amount of time.

But on my worst day Id rather work out hard for 20-30 minutes than spend forever moving slowly. So if youve hit a plateauor just want to see some quick results try interval training. You can apply this to any activity you already do. Walk/ jog, walk/ race walk, walk/run whatever. You can use hill for intervals, you can ride a bike, hell- you can do jumping jacks and jog in place. Whatever you do, just exert a high level of energy for a short time adding on a short recovery period.

You can play with the numbers. If you are just starting a fitness program I would recommend 1 minute difficult intervals with 2-3 minutes at a recovery pace. This should be difficult only during the fast interval and your heart rate should come back down during recovery.

If you are in shape Try 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds recovery for 4 minutes.

Wait, FOUR minutes? Yes. Add a warm up and a cool down and thats one heck of a workout. Do it again if you want with a longer recovery between sets. Less time, more sweat, more results.

But remember to always listen to your body and never push yourself too hard. You have to shock your body in order to get dramatic results, but you should do so wisely. If youre just getting off the sitting on the couch exercise program, dont go sprinting. Walking is shock enough.

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Happy intervals!

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