Loving your imperfect body

Most women would like to change something abouttheirbodies. Rather its losing the last 5 pounds or 100, we all seem to look in the mirror and see flaws. I have plenty of them.

*Ive got stretch marks on my belly and a little extra skin from carrying a baby in it and some cellulite on the back of my thighs.

*When I walk there is some jiggle in my inner thighs and I wish I had more prominent guns for arms.

*Where I once had full pretty breasts are now quite small tear-droppy looking ones.

A few years ago this list would have looked a lot different. I would have really wanted to be a size 14 instead of 18-20 and to have one chin. There is always something we wish was better and some one who seems to have it all to be jealous of.

Money is similar in this way. Most folks feel they would be just fine if they made another 10 grand a year. And when they get there they just need another 10 grand. As soon as your bracket or league changes you have new people to look around at who have just enough more than you and what you have never feels like enough.

You are enough. Just as you are. Today.

The trouble with looking always at those who have what you desire is this can turn into yucky business. Jealousy isnt cute and typically involves spiteful commentary. Instead of admiring someone who has it better than you we tend to want to bring them down with our words and actions. This does absolutely nothing for us. I have asked before that we lift each other up, today I ask you do the same for yourself.

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My list above, the imperfect things about me, I love them. I wake up everyday and choose to love every detail of me and work to improve in the ways I want to. I admire women who have a shape Id like and find beauty in all of them. This serves others as well as myself. Because the person who is thinking the nasty thoughts is the one who suffers.

This isnt hard now but has taken practice. Its a choice. I decided my stretch marks belong where they are because I carried and gave birth to a child damn it. I EARNED those bad boys. Ill take em (my husband calls them my miracle marks). Theyre like my motherhood tattoo. I work on my guns and appreciate every single tiny change I see in them. I have decided to embrace the little boob situation and now can buy clothes that I never could have before because these little guys dont require a bra in some situations and thats pretty rad. And I will parade all 150lbs of my imperfection around like Im a freaking Victorias Secret model because I love all of it. And because I know, deep down, if anyone else is offended by it its about them and not me.

So get into you. All of you. How you are today.

Stop looking around to see who has what you want; want what you have. Enjoy it. Work what you got, and of course work to change what you can but not to fix you to improve. Find another way to look at your miracle marks or wisdom hips or whatever it is with which you needlessly struggle. Your body does so much for you everyday, embracing it will get you so much farther than trying to fix it.

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You dont need fixed. You are perfect. Today.

Love, Mama

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