Ms. New Booty

Some people remember when they heard Elvis or the Beatles for the first time. For me, it was Sir Mix A lot. Not because of his musical geniusbut due to his profound love of big booties. When this song came out I was being teased in school with the charming nick name Buffalo butt. This later turned to ghetto booty in junior high and was suddenly a good thing (I think thanks in part to the aforementioned visionary). For better or for worse my behind has had its share of commentary.

As I got older and gained more weight I tried to rejoice in the size of my buttand my breasts as well. Big girls and former big girls alike know what Im talking about here. Say what you want about fat, but its accumulation around the booty/boobie area can be seen as a welcomed thing depending on your preferences. So we rock what we got.

Well we know how this story ends. The weight is gone. With it went the ample-ness.

While you get what youre given upstairs by God, your Mom or a surgeon the awesome news is you get to pick your booty. So much so that in fitness circles it is often said that the glutes(butt muscles) tell the story. Not the abs, arms, calves. Booty! Thats something I can get behind (unintentional pun).

You toocan build your own butt! Its a lovely area to build muscle. You can make it sit higher, increase the curvature and size. It really is quite amazing that way. And for this reason it is my favorite body part to work on. It also happens to require exercises that turn the average Judy into a bit of a whiner. But if Judy wants to be big booty-Judy shell keep it comin.

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Now, genetics still come into play here, and like any other exercise you wont do a squat one day and wake up with ass for days the next. Dont worry (or cross your fingers depending on your preference).

So lets getdown to business. The video below contains some of the best butt/thigh/leg moves. They are old school, simple, effective and dont require you even own a set of dumbbells (though weight can and should be added as your fitness level allows). Start out with 3 sets of 10 of each move before adding weight.* *If you have trouble with the video you can also view it here.**
The other awesome thing about all the move explained above is that there are about a billion ways to modify each of the moves to make them challenge your muscles in different ways making them an important staple in your new booty repertoire.

Also, I know you dont like doing lunges. Believe me, I know. But if you want to make your ass sing lunge you will.

Next is another super short video. These moves may seem familiar to you if your Mom, like mine, listened to Jane Fonda cassette tapes while you were having tea parties. These floor moves have the added bonus of looking really cool (erm no) and are a quick easy addition to any routine. I apologizein advance for this odd fellow and his use of the title cutie booty.
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Get started now and youll have more than one reason to be pumped for warmer weather come spring!

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