Pin Ups and Rub Downs!

I am really excited to announce that Fit Mama has partnered with two local businesses to offer my clients awesome incentives for meeting their goals! What goals you ask? Whatever goals you feel good about. It can be reaching a long-term goal, or hell, reading this website to keep you on track. Its that simple. I just wanted to team up with like-minded businesses (pro-woman, pro-wellness) to help you stay motivated, reward yourself with good things and generally treat yourself. Mention Fit Mama at the following places to get a discount on your first service:


What is Bombshell about? We believe every woman has sex appeal and is beautiful. Beauty doesnt disappear when youth is gone. Women are gorgeous at every age, every body size, every race, all walks of life. At Bombshell, we cater to real women

Bombshell features the photography of the well-known and highly acclaimed John Gladman coupled with Carol Ann who coaches you through posing and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. They are truly a dream team and if youve ever, or never considered doing something like this now is the time!



Necia is a massage practitioner who has been in private practice for 30 years. She uses Swedish (classical) massage techniques, and has studied and practiced Hatha Yoga. She founded Heartland School of Massage 1988-1994 and taught at JCCC.

Necia is truly a miracle worker. She will make you feel right at home and like youve known her forever. As a massage therapist and wellness guru, she will take away what ills you and leave you feeling brand new. She is located in Kansas City, Kan. near KU Med Center but is worth the drive from Lawrence and the place to go in KC.

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I hope to offer more in the future but this is a great start! And Ive no interest insteeringyou wrong so I am, and will continue to be very particular about where and who I recommend and partner with. Remember to mention Fit Mama (first-time customers only) and tell your friends! Iguaranteeyou will not be disappointed and you deserve a little pampering, dont you think?

Love, Mama

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