So what actually happens at boot camp?

First off I will not be wearing fatigues. Perhaps I can bust out a camo bandanna or something.

That said this will be a hard core workout that could be low impact should you choose. Allow me to explain:

We will be doing high intensity interval training or HIIT. This involves doing short bursts of activity with rest intervals in between. There will be no steps to follow, we will not be doing any choreography.

What kind of activity? Squats, lunges, push ups, burpees WAIT dont run away if that sounds like crazy talk! I have LOTS of modifications so if you couldnt do a push up to save your life there will be an appropriate modification for you! And you WILL get better, and stronger and be more able to advance in your moves. For most moves not only is there a beginner modification but also more advanced modifications. So if the idea of doing burpees doesnt sound challenging enough I got you too.

There are lots of benefits to this type of workout. It challenges your heart making this both a strength training and cardio workout that burns calories long after you complete it and is a more effective training method than steady state cardio (i.e. jogging at a steady pace). What I love about it in a group setting is that because everyone is busting their ass at their own pace there is zero time to be looking around at what others are doing. Everyone will be busy! Doing what they can do!

My goal is always to help everyone improve and push themselves but mostly to leave feeling strong. My favorite thing about exercise is that failure is good! If you cannot push yourself to do any more that means you have worked YOURSELF as hard as you can and thats awesome!

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We will finish with some nice stretching and the whole thing will be set to the musical selections of DJ Argyle (consider him your workout DJ and personal hype man!) He also happens to be one of my best friends and has been through (and provided the soundtrack for) hundreds of my workouts so hell know exactly how hard you are working. And with some encouragement I bet we can get him on the floor too!

Starts this Saturday, September 24th at Chateau (2412 Iowa), 11am on the dancefloor. Come a little early to get signed in, payed up (10 bucks for one session, 50 for a 6 class punchcard- cash or check accepted) and find a spot. Its going to be rad! Hope to see you there.



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