the problem with a diet

Ready to take on a new diet? You read about it, the (insert any diet youve ever read about here) plan. Its great, you lose weight like crazy and you just cut out (insert a wide variety of evils) and youre all set. Im gonna do starting on Monday, thats why Ive got to eat this cake today.

First of all, why anyone feels the need to stock up on eating unhealthy foods right before starting a diet is beyond me. Second, the whole idea of going on a diet means that you will eventually go off said diet. And as long as that is the case I can guarantee you that the weight you lost on will be right back when you go off.

Another important thing to note is that drastic weight fluctuations are not good for your health. In fact, it is better for your body to be slightly overweight than to fluctuate more than a few lbs regularly.

But we do it all the time. Going on one diet and then off to another. Loosing 20 lbs on one until you messed up and cheated at aunt Maggies barbeque and then you have to give it all up again. Its a horrible cycle. So what can you do?

You can make some sane choices with food.

I personally advocate making very small, livable changes at a time. For example, maybe you start by making sure you have vegetables at every meal, then stop going back for seconds, then cut out a constant culprit like soda. I think anytime you do a complete overhaul at once its very easy to slide all the way off track as quickly as you got on. This way one slip up doesnt make you feel like all is lost because you just focus on one tiny change at a time.

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The best one to start with? Trade in soda for water. I dont care if you drink diet. This one change will help you attain a healthy weight and do wonders for your overall health. Did you know you use Coke to clean erosion from the inside of a car. It dissolves battery acid. Seriously. Why would you put that in your body? Ever?

Gradually, overtime it will be the accumulation of small changes that will change your entire outlook on food, your physique and maybe even life. So dont go on a diet. Instead set out on a lifelong mission to enjoy your life more by making healthier choices about what you put in your body. One little bitty step at a time.

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