Time for an indulgence

The trouble with going on a strict diet is that you start to feel like you are missing out on things. Youre sitting with your perfectly lovely salad and drooling over your homies fried steak burger. Dont do this to yourself.

That said, you have to keep your goals in mind. If you are trying to train for a figure competition, now is not the time to indulge. But the way that I keep my indulgences from going over board is by indulging WELL. Im talkin- screw the microwave meal, the kind of stale cookies, the last bites of my kids mac n cheese. Bring me the super good stuff.

If you are going to do it, plan it, do it within reason, and do it right. This kind of occasional splurge keeps me from losing sight of my goals and from feeling like everyone else gets to eat cake and not me.

This also plays into my finances well, because eating produce and a largely vegetarian diet (I dont advocate vegetarianism regarding this as a personal choice) is pretty damn inexpensive. And meat eater or no, eating a vegetarian meal with a plant based protein is good for your pocketbook and your body. So while you are saving money, if you are going to splurge you might as well actually do it.

Which brings me to a lovely splurge give away. Ghirardelli sent me some of their new chocolates from their extra splurgy delicious line.

If you want to make one your special splurge of the moment. Hit me up in the comments, tell me about how you indulge and Ill select a winner at random Friday February 3 and Ill send you some delicious. Because I believe in doing your squats, eating your greens and sometimes eating the damn chocolate. And on those occasions, doing it right!

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Xoxo, Erik

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