Top 12 Largest and Ultra Modern Fitness Centers in the World

Top 13 Largest and Ultra Modern Fitness Centers in the World

The fitness industry is growing at a fast pace. We have studied the most interesting fitness clubs on the planet.

For many lovers of a healthy lifestyle today, it is not enough just to visit the gym. The first place is taken by the set of options, service, popularity of the club, and its location.

Gravity Gym (Singapore)

This fitness club is located on the 38th floor of the CapitaGreen Tower. It is considered one of the most technologically advanced on the planet. Before the start of training, each client undergoes a 3D scan of the body on a special device. It measures all proportions, including muscle and fat, making it ideal for tracking changes. The club has its own application, through which you can communicate with the coach and track your progress. There is also a temperature-controlled pool, built-in USB ports in lockers for charging devices, and advice on nutrition and the selection of vitamins and minerals.

A joining fee is $3000, and a monthly membership fee is $599.

Equinox (USA)

Equinox is one of the world’s largest prestigious fitness club brands. It positions itself as a “temple of well-being.” Exclusive membership in such a club gives you access to unique simulators, a separate soul, the best personal trainers, as well as a special technology for scanning the body, which creates a 3D model of the body, indicating the percentage of fat and muscle in the body and the places of accumulation of excess fat deposits. This allows trainers to design a training program that will be most effective for a specific person. If you left the membership card at home, then you can get into the club by going through the retinal identification procedure.

Equinox has 29 locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan that are accessible with their $260 a month “all-access” membership. Some Equinox clients admit they even had to take out payday loans in NC to afford a gym membership. This fact can be considered perfect evidence of the club’s popularity! Indeed, payday loans are extremely popular across the USA as they are short-term and easy to access. Consumers can get a loan for any purpose without any paperwork or collateral.

The Harbor Gym (London)

The Harbor Gym is an exclusive sports club that is visited by many celebrities visiting London, members of the royal family, representatives of the noble and wealthiest families in England. In addition to all kinds of simulators and a swimming pool, the club has 13 courts, a spa area, and even a clinic.

Membership starts from £145 per month, with a £155 joining fee.

Brooklyn Boulders (USA)

Brooklyn Boulders is an unusual way of dealing with the sedentary lifestyle of citizens. The center combined coworking spaces with a fitness club and a climbing wall. Moreover, combining work with sports at Brooklyn Boulders is not even an opportunity, but a duty. The network has a rule that every 30 minutes a visitor must do at least 5 squats and pull-ups, and also talk to at least one stranger. The project quickly gained popularity, and now Brooklyn Boulders is a whole chain of fitness establishments across the country.

A monthly Brooklyn Boulders membership is $119.

Wellness Sky Club (Serbia)

The Wellness Sky is a luxury club is located in a building built in the 70s with panoramic windows and a view of the Danube River from a height of 15 m. The one-storey building has a triangular shape and was empty for a long time. Only recently it was renovated and a fitness club was opened. The Wellness Sky is recognized as one of the most innovative sports centers in the world. The hallmark of the club is a huge ceiling made of luminous triangles of equal size. The largest area is occupied by a gym, but there is also a beauty salon and a swimming pool.

It is surprising that the most expensive fitness club in the world is located not in New York or Dubai, but only in Belgrade. To join the gym, members need to pay a $30,000 membership fee.

The Houstonian Club (USA)

The Houstonian Club has more than 300 cardio and strength equipment, a huge free weights area, three full-size Olympic pools, eight tennis courts, boxing rings, a variety of group and individual workouts. There are children’s play areas. And all members of the club are given terry dressing gowns.

The initiation fees are close to $24,000 and monthly dues are $200.

Tiger Muay Thai Gym (Thailand)

Tiger Muay Thai Gym is the most expensive martial arts gym not only in Asia but worldwide. There is no emphasis on decoration, decoration and expensive attributes. The creators of the club are extremely focused on fighting technique.

Muay Thai privates are priced at a standard price of 700 Baht per hour.

Easy Gym (Spain)

The club is located in the modest Spanish town of Arrigoriaga and is one of the most unusual in the world. The fact is that here it is allowed to train only in the nude. Thanks to this rule, the owner of the gym, Merche Laseca, made it the most popular in the city because Arrigoriaga is a European Mecca for nudists: there are 12 world-famous nudist beaches in Arrigoriaga.

To join the gym, members need to pay €19.99 per month plus a €19.99 registration fee.

Athletes’ Performance Gym (USA)

This gym prides itself on its coaches – top-notch athletes and the best training equipment. It has a 60-meter jogging track, soccer field and water jogging track. As the ad says, this is the best you can afford if you want to train with world-class athletes.

Madison Square Club (USA)

It looks more like a country house, rather than an ordinary fitness club. All the stars and politicians of New York are engaged here since the high price for an annual subscription of $25 thousand will not give an ordinary person the opportunity to buy a card. The price for a visit is formed thanks to the coaches working in the club. For example, David Kirsch works there – this coach “created” the figures of Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler and other stars.

Green Microgym (USA)

This is a real eco-room – exercise bike pedals are equipped with special generators that generate energy from 50 to 150 watts. This energy is used to power fans, lights, music, and televisions. The fact is that the owner of the hall, American businessman Adam Bosel, decided to save on electricity. Reports about him were shown on all major American TV channels, which contributed to a sharp rise in the popularity of the institution. By the way, the idea has already been adopted in other cities.

Exos Club (USA)

The huge Exos fitness club, located on the outskirts of Phoenix in hot Arizona, offers its clients tennis courts, basketball courts, a giant open-air pool, and a bunch of additional fields for various games. The club is famous for its chicly decorated gym with an incredible number of various exercise equipment and a high price of $30,000 per year.

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