Vacation hangover… and TMI

Lola and I had our first big road trip. We went to Lincoln, NE to visit friends for a few days. I planned ahead, and brought healthy snacks for the road and drank a ton of water however I didnt strive for perfection here. I ate out at restaurants I missed from college. I didnt order lovely salads either. I had all my faves. Know what else? I didnt work out. All 3 days.

I dont feel bad about that. And Im not suggesting you do the same OR that you spend vacations only eating super healthy and working out everyday. Im saying I made a choice. Today Im living with the consequences of that choice.

I sometimes forget how bad it feels to eat unhealthy and not workout. Im so used to how it feels to move and fuel myself with delicious, healthy food. I mean, I lived the past 3 days just like I lived a whole 25 years of my life. But the feeling is so dramatically different now. I know I felt how I do today all the time before, but its hard to miss feeling healthy when you dont even know what that feels like. So lets talk about how today feels

(This is the TMI part, but Im just keepin it real.)

-Im bloated. So bloated I can see it in my face. I feel a little like a blowfish.

-Im backed up. Maaan, Im so used to being super regular. Its like clockwork and its always good. (I know you know what I mean.) I havent had what is for me a normal trip to the restroom in 3 days. While sharing about my toilet habits is not my favorite, its worth mentioning that being regular is perhaps one of my favorite things about eating healthy (particularly all the produce). It has turned something almost always unpleasant into an easy routine.

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-I feel sluggish. This part feels like an actual hang over. I woke up this morning with my body feeling like a ton of bricks. Im not a morning person and never have been, but once I get moving in the gym I always feel good. This morning, even being at the gym I felt like curling up on a machine and going back to sleep. Not normal. Not awesome.

-Im not hungry. Eating all this junk (and probably the backed up part) has left me feeling like a blob of full. Im used to being hungry every 3 hours or so and always ready to eat when I wake up or finish training. Right now I just feel full.

-Overall Im just uncomfortable in my body. Not in a when I look in the mirror I feel badly sort of way, but just physically uncomfortable. I feel like I just left a buffet that I went way overboard at. Except my last Nebraska meal was over 24 hours ago.

I dont feel bad about my choices. I never beat myself up because I find it completely counter-productive. Also, it doesnt make sense. I didnt cave, I made a fucking choice. I chose cheese and laying around over spinach and burpees. Its not sad. Its not a failure. Its a choice. Sometimes I think beating yourself up somehow makes it a moral issue and a character flaw that is out of your hands as opposed to a choice. Its a choice.

That said, I dont think I will make the same choice again. Maybe next time I will pick one meal to indulge in and take a long my TRX for some quick workouts. Maybe I will weigh it all out and decide that the feeling today is worth it (doubt it). Either way I wont tell myself terrible things about what a failure I am for making choices.

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So today I have full blown vacation hangover. Tomorrow should be a little better. Looking forward to feeling like myself again in all the good ways. =)


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