Finding your happy weight

Most women I come across have a weight ideal somewhere between 120 and 150 depending on their body type and height. Some just want to feel healthy and strong. Some want muscle definition. Some want to be soft with a flat stomach. But regardless of your aesthetic goals you have to be realistic about what you are willing to do to get there. Sure it would be awesome to keep your lifestyle exactly as it is, order your dream body out of a catalogue (or a pill) and have that delivered to you. But as this isnt the case, for me a happy weight is exactly that. Where you are happy.

For the average gal to get washboard abs would require a lot of time spent exercising and a super clean diet. Im not saying you cant be happy doing those things. In fact doing those things actually does make for a happy person, endorphins and proper nutrition does a lot for your mood! But if you arent willing to do all of that, maybe youre more in the daily walks and getting some veggies in mode, I think thats okay too. And if thats the case then maybe your happy weight is not the number you initially had in mind or at least not yet.

For me, when I started my fitness journey I had a number in mind for the scale. I began with focusing on 5lbs at a time, but when I got smaller and smaller I got kind of addicted to the scale. It was so fun watching the numbers go down, but was equally discouraging when it didnt budge. And then I had this elusive number in mind that I hit once. Probably after taking a shit and before drinking water for the day. It has never happened again. My happy weight for me is about 5-10lbs above that number. And its based on the number my scale usually lands at when Im hitting it hard at the gym (which Im totally into), seeing strength gains (which makes me super happy), running fast (like a bad ass) and eating 80% clean.

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My goals may change. I never rule anything out, so perhaps one day I will set my sights on a figure competition, or just revealing the abs I know are under this slight protective coating Ive got going on. But for now, as long as Im feeling strong and healthy, Im happy with my weight. The last 10lbs (down 5 if youre following) is just to get back to my happy place. I know I could be faster and stronger, and that I feel better when I am, so Im working back there. My current happy weight doesnt involve a six pack, and isnt based on what I weighed before puberty or what I read Cameron Diaz weighs. Its all about the happy. Not about the fantasy number.

I hope this doesnt come across as asking you to settle. If you are set on complete transformation and ever shrinking, or need to lose weight for health reasons go get that shit girl! But consider that whatever you do to get there has to be things that make you happy or they wont stick. And they have to be things you are willing to do- well, always.

Set some goals. Set goals that meeting will make you proud. Walk or run your first 5k. Eat more spinach. Try some healthier recipes out on your family. Notice how these changes make you feel and keep going. And then just see what happens with your body. You happy weight might even be smaller than you initially had in mind, and it may be higher. (And it may be higher while you are actually much smaller).

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So while you are striving to be the best you, please shoot for the best you that will make you happy. I promise hardly eating doesnt result in lasting weight loss (esp bc youll be losing muscle which isnt probably the cute youre going for) and it certainly doesnt result in happy. Catch me on a day Ive been a poor care taker of my body and rushed around so much I didnt eat and you will meet one unhappy bitch.

A happy weight is just that, a weight that makes you happy. Numbers can sometimes help give you focus, but health and happiness are what sustain you. Not being 120lbs. (Or whatever).

Figure out your happy. And worry most of all about happy.


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