healthy eating: now a psychiatric diagnosis?

My friend sent me a link to this article the other day and it cracked me up.

Its about the new psychiatric disorder named for people who (gasp) avoid sugar, salt, pesticides and dyes.


Im sorry. Didnt mean to caps yell at you.

Heres the truth. Once you start to make healthy changes in your life, suddenly the people around you become self consciousabout theirbad choices, whatever they may be. Ever been around a group of smokers when one of them announcesthey have quit? A few explicativesabout the quitterbeing a loser, some can you believe this guys ensue. We all know smoking is bad for you. Someone quittingis a good choice. True. Do I think people who smoke or make otherwise bad health choices should be belittled for their choices? No. But it is more often the people who make good choices who catch the flack.

Case in point, the above article. Except we are taking it to a new level. Not only is eating healthy to be scrutinized it is now a disease. Call me crazy, but I think drinking coke (which can be used to dissolve battery acid on the inside of a car) or eating taco bell (whosemeat has sand in it) is weird. Perhaps that deserves a diagnosis.

I say, keep eating healthy. Things that you, personally, understand how they came to be. And you may be given a diagnosis. But youll have a lot fewer doctors bills just the same.

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