I feel pretty, oh so pretty… new fit mama campaign- for YOU!

I Feel Pretty is a Fit Mama video campaign to help give women that boost of confidence we sometimes need. When we feel pretty, our mood is better, our confidence is higher and our day just seems to go smoother. To submit an uplifting word or anything you might want to hear when youre feeling down, upload your video to your own blog or a video-sharing site such as YouTube, and email the link to fitmama@mail.com.

But this is about more than feeling pretty.

As women tend to judge ourselves very harshly, and in turn are not always kind to one another. This is an opportunity to turn that around. Lets take a moment with a video camera/webcam whatever and send some love to each other. It could change the world. But if it doesnt it might just make someone elses day a little brighter, and isnt that what we all want to do anyway? In an effort to change our attitudes toward ourselves and other women lets send some love!

Did you know that women are the only minority in sociological terms that are actually a numerical majority? I really feel like if we loved ourselves and supported each other more it could change, well- everything. Heres to feelin pretty, confident and uplifted! You deserve it! We all do.

So send me a link to your video! Ill put em together and have a nice little spot where you can go and have women from all over tell you how pretty you are, how great you are, how your day is gonna improve whatever you may need to hear. Its gonna be awesome. Help me with my little vision! :)

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