I’m not a vegan I just veg a lot.

People ask all the time so I thought Id just give a quick answer
I see you post all these vegetable dishes, are you a vegetarian?

The short answer is no. I dont eat meat as a general rule. I do eat fish. I dont post about that as I feel like its a personal decision, that I made for personal reasons. I am not of the conviction that everyone should stop eating animals. And in terms of weight loss, this was a decision I made after I lost the weight.

In terms of health, I do think the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is pretty meat heavy, and everyone could benefit from eating more vegetables. I also think its a good choice, if you do eat meat, to know where its coming from and feel good about that. If that means spending more on your meat, than perhaps eat less of it.

My husband eats meat. My daughter eats meat when Im not cooking and Daddy makes it.

So thats that. Fish yes. Other meats no. Im not an evangelist in this practice. Theres your answer.


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