Music and cheese.

I was recently asked to participate in Sargentos Thin to Winchallenge and was given the following challenge:
Music is a great way to keep your mind and body in tune. Create a playlist that keeps you off the couch and share a picture of your playlist.

I was pretty pumped to get this one because if any one knows theimportance of a good play list, its me. I have a few too many jobs, a family to spend time with, meals to cook; honestly my head is spinning just thinking of the list of things I do. Working out is always near the top on my list of priorities because without it I know my energy and everything else will suffer. That said, I can only fit it in by getting up before dawn and the only thing that will get me going at that hour is music. When I peel myself out of bed and drive to the gym, it isnt until I put in my ear buds that I come alive.

It is as much the playlist as it is the actual workout that I look forward to. The workout playlist for me needs to make me feel tough, sexy (yes, squats and dead lifts are sexy) and ready to move. My time in the gym is the one hour of the day where I get to be a superhero and leave anything Im struggling with behind. The music sets the tone and provides the soundtrack.

For me, the order of a playlist is an important as the songs. Sincethis is for a morning workout I have them arranged in such a way thatI ease into the workout and then rev up.

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The Current Playlist:
Crush On You Lil Kim (This song is just enough time for me to do a warm up and ease into the idea that Im gonna get it on)

Ayy Ladies Travis Porter (Ok, so indulgently I love this song because it says bad b Come on!)

Talk That Talk Rihanna (Sexy and powerful and just enough up tempo to keep up the pace)

Did It On Em Nicki Minaj (This song is all about being the top of your game)

The Motto Drake (This song never fails to keep me going and this is about the point that Im usually thinking of being done)

Rumor Has It Adele (I love Adele more than anything, this is another strong female voice its my favorite push up song!)

Work Out For Me J. Cole (Because obviously)

Stylish Clothes Get Busy Committee (This could easily be any of the GBCs songs, they are all upbeat, funny and have great moving bass lines to keep you moving)

99 Problems Jay-Z (Jay-Z is always the indicator to me that Im almost done which transitions into)

Gone Baby Dont Be Long Erykah Badu (BADU! For stretching. Always. When this song comes on I know its time for sweating, glowing and stretching out my aching muscles. Favorite part of the day. Hands down.)

The Sweetest Thing Fugees (As time allows I just lay on the floor and listen to this song. If you dont know it, do yourself a favor and download it. Its so sweet and enchanting and breathing through this song gives me the focus I need for the rest of the day.)

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Now here is the cool part: You can win prizes from Sargento today!Just upload a photo of your new playlist to the sargento facebook pageto win! Be sure to tell me when you do! I always need new ideas!



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