turns out, you are already stupid hot.

Its true. Youre so pretty it almost hurts my feelings a little. Your body is bangin. You look damn good.

All you have to do is own it.

The truth is, what makes up those dazzling people, the ones who walk in the room and everyone gravitates toward is simply owning it. They dont makeapologiesfor their thighs, theyre too busy walking around with em.

These people are intoxicating because of confidence. Its something you do with your stride, its a look in the eye. It literally has nothing to do with the waistline.

Now, you are in control of your body (though it may not always feel that way, you are). So if you have some changes you want to make; learn how and make them. But please dont hold off on loving all your awesome you-ness until some magical day when x amount of pounds no longer grace your behind. You are the only one who is wasting any time concerning themselves with that.

You are absolutely stunning. Today.

All you have to do is open your eyes to see it.

**WTF Mama? Why would a personal trainer tell me Im already hot the way I am? Because while Im totally happy to help you obtain a smaller stomach, or rounder booty or whatever it is youre hoping for mostly I just want to see women be more healthy. I want to see more chicks walking around cloaked in their existing awesomeness and rockin it like theyre worth a lot. Because we are. So, secrets out: youre stupid hot already.**

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Love, Mama