6 ways you are already screwing up your new resolutions.

Ok, so sometimes I have harsh titles. But it makes you fucking look. Perhaps you are not one of these people. If you are I am not mocking you or hoping your resolutions fail. To the contrary we are less than a week into the new year, so hopefully if you are making any of these mistakes you can fix it NOW! Its way to early to throw in the towel for the year because you maybe got a false start. So here are what I feel are the major factors in losing your battle with healthy weight loss for new years or any time.

1. You are sometime-y.

Sometimes you workout and eat healthy foods. Sometimes you just wont. You get super pumped around resolution time and it fades quickly. Perhaps everytime you have an important event coming up you go on a diet only to dive straight into every pizza you can find as soon as its over. This is clearly an ineffective plan. Speaking of plans

2. You dont have a plan

Fail to plan, plan to be making the same resolution next year.

3. You dont know what you are doing

Even if you have a plan, all plans are not created equal. When I tried to lose weight in the past it never worked because I didnt actually know anything about working out effectively. Hell, I thought salad doused in ceasar or ranch was health food. (Its not). You may think you know all this stuff but if you havent successfully met a health goal in the past Im willing to bet you dont. Which is more than understandable as there is an incredible amount of completely bogus info out there. Rather you seek out someone like me or go read some books you are going to need to have some knowledge dropped on ya

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4. You arent setting specific small goals

Lose 20lbs is a lovely goal except it has zero direction. If you have the #3 problem your first goal should be to learn some shit. Make that goal 1. Implement such knowledge goal 2. More specifically: I will work on ______ with food and _________ with exercise this week. Specific. Small. Build on it.

5. You expect that everyone around you is going to rally together and get healthy with you

The deal is its highly likely that most of the people you know probably wish they had more motivation to get healthy and lose weight. None of those people are going to be the ones rooting you on when you dont want to get off the couch. You have to commit to yourself. And then do it again. Over and over and over. If you have an awesome friend that wants to do this with you that is rad. But this HAS to be about you. Your friend cant be the reason you fail. Thats not fair to either of you.

6. You cant stand your fat ass anymore.

Im not calling you fat holmes. Im talking thats what YOU are saying to YOU. I get being fed up with your body. I completely get that. But I have never in my life seen anyone become healthier because they hated themselves. Ive seen people lose a lot of weight and gain it back thats pretty much it. I know its not easy. Start small with something you already dig. Even if its your earlobes. And work at getting alright with you. At least to the point that you want to do nice things for your body because it feels good. But coming from a place of self hatred does not a successful goal make.

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You have probably seen my posts about new years resolutions. I dont like them because I hate all the self loathing and putting off of healthy things I see people do Oct-Dec, throwing in the towel on another year and waiting for a magic midnight to set personal goals. That said, I LOVE ME SOME GOALS!! Anytime is a good time for a goal. So here we are. You really can make this the healthiest year of your life. Its totally up to you. Lets do it right.

As always let me know if I can help.


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