Wendy’s has a good salad?

When I was approached by the motherhood and Wendys to do a give-away I was a little apprehensive. I know you get a little compensation and swag (in this case lunch and some super cute picnic stuff) so I thought if worse comes to worse Ill just be honest about my experience and maybe not be approached in the future.

Wendys has rolled out a new premium salad for summer and myself and the Mom bloggers behind Mama Mash, Dine & Dish, Super Jenn, Mommypalooza and A day in Mollywood met up at a KC location to try the salads and write about the experience. Im not big on fast food at all and had fully expected a mildly crappy salad. Usually when I think of a fast food salad I think sad looking lettuce covered in bacon and drenched in fatty dressing. I was pleasantly surprised.

Heres me and the Mommies. They were rad, as anticipated. (Thanks Dine & Dish for the photo).


Wendys new Berry Almond Chicken Salad was everything but. I ordered mine without chicken so I cannot comment on the meat but the produce was appetizing and dare I say; delightful. The greens were dark and crisp, the berries (blue berries and strawberries) were fresh and the almond slivers were perfectly toasted and not too salty. The fat free raspberryvinaigrettetopped it off nicely for a healthful light lunch.

They dont have the nutrition info posted yet in the store we were at but it is available behind the counter. I had the half size salad which only comes in at about 242 calories not bad for a drive through option! The sugar content is easy to cut back on by not using your entire pack of dressing. All in all it was a good, quick option for lunch.

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I would tell you if I didnt think so. =)

Heres the coolest part: Now YOU get to try it. Wendys is going to hook one of you up with a $25 gift card so you can try it yourself. How do you win? Just leave me a comment on this post! I will pick a reader via random.org and mail it off to ya! Winner announced Friday. You want a salad. And I wont even be mad if you have a frostly while you are there, I did.

Love, Mama


*Wendys and the motherhood hooked me up for participating but not for my thoughts. Yall oughtta know by now Id give it to you straight. *

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