Why are yoga pants so expensive?

Let me start off by saying Im frugal. I like having quality things but have a limited budget for such things. Thus: I am always looking for a steal. Clothing wise this usually means shopping consignment stores often enough to find amazing things. This might make me cheap. I prefer to think of myself as a savvy shopper.

Exercise clothes are something I dont buy used. Mostly because I prefer working out in spandexy stuff and its not often that stuff will really make it through more than one user. So mine come from T.J. Maxx usually. I often find good deals there, but as I have become more active and spend more and more time in my exercise clothes: I wear that cheap stuff out SO quickly.

Other problems with the cheap stuff:

-They dont feel as nice. A nice moisture-wicking material makes all the difference. And I want to be comfortable!

-The become see-through after a number of washes. I was recently at victorias secret and was tempted to buy some draws that said something funny on them but didnt because I had an instant image in my head of doing squats at the gym only to be revealing the message to all the gym rats. Thats no good. And many of these pants/capris are see-through off the shelf! If you are ever in the Lawrence area and see a woman doing squats and staring at her butt in the mirror in the dressing rooms youll know its me!

-They arent as well designed. I have to say the nicer brands have actually considered more than cost-effectiveness in their designs. They dont slip down as much and take into account how bodies move.

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I own one pair of lululemon crops. (They came from a consignment store). They have outlasted everything else I own and they had already had one owner.

So why is that stuff so expensive? Because its super nice. It lasts longer, feels good, isnt translucent in the bottom, looks good at the gym and the grocery store (or lounging around your house, or EVERYWHERE) and is well designed. But all of that doesnt change my budget unfortunately. And I am not on a budget that allows for 150 dollar yoga pants. At least not regularly.

that is until now.

My sister recently sent me an email that she had signed up for pv.body – a website where for 40 bucks a month they send you a high end top and bottom each month (Lorna Jane, Lululemon, splits 59, nike, solo if you arent familiar trust me). Currently, your first box also includes a free tote and extra tank top. The boxes are worth around 150 dollars! AND you can stop at any time. Shutthefrontdoor.

So I went to the website, watched the video a bunch of times, took the style quiz (which takes into account the kind of workouts you do/sorts of colors you like etc) twice and still didnt order. I was a little skeptical at what a great deal it was, plus my sister had signed up so I thought Id just see what she got first. About a week later I received an email from the company. *I think I literally read the email jumping up and down.* They love me, so you should love them. =) They wanted to give me a free box to review and pass on a discount code to YOU! By clicking HERE you will get 20% off your first order which means 32 dollars for your first box! And you can never get another if you dont want to. Pass the link onto your friends! New yoga pants for the world!

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The stuff I got is bad ass. I fully intend to continue with a subscription. Frugal as I am, I will probably do a few months, suspend and then do a few again until I get a nice little collection. Then I will celebrate my buns off when I can get rid of all of my see-through bootied, uncomfortable, sometimes itchy athletic gear. Also, what a GREAT little treat each month to reward myself for my hard work at the gym and re-motivate me to keep going. Hello! Gotta wear the new awesome stuff!

So here is what I got:

These super awesome grey capris and this fire red halter tank top. Both are amazing material soft, comfortable and moisture wicking! If Id bought them it would have cost me $110 plus tax and with PVBody it would only be 40 bucks! 32 with my link!

Im super pumped about this because Im contacted constantly by companies who I am not interested in working with. I get a little kick back from referrals which is a regular offer from companies but I just wont do it. All kinds of companies with magical fat loss solutions I dont believe in want me to work with them. And I tell them no. Because I actually care about what I do and what I share with you. But damn it if I dont believe in yoga pants! Plus the woman Ive been talking to with the company is totally sweet and all about my philosophies around self worth, positive body image and celebrating health! So its good people behind this company too. So go on girl, treat your self to somethin nice. 32 bucks for the pants (capris/shorts/whatever your preference) you will want to live in forever. And they might even inspire more workouts. Bam.

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**Update! PVBodyis changing their rate to $49 a month in December so take advantage of the $32 offer NOW!**

So why are yoga pants so expensive? They arent. But to get them for a steal you can either get the good stuff (once or monthly!) or trek it to the store and hope you dont end up with see through, fall-apart-y ones. Heaven knows my cheap behind still wants the good stuff!

xoxo, Mama

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