You don’t have to run a marathon. Seriously.

Getting fit, losing weight & becoming healthier- whatever your personal goal is, is personal and can easily become overwhelming. We are all overwhelmed, especially this time of year with all the other stuff we have to do. Add to that a seemingly impossible goal, perhaps one you have attempted in the past and failed at, and it can feel like more than you can handle.

First of all you have to try new stuff which is scary in and of itself. Secondly we tend to focus on the end result and not the process. We want a magic bean. We expect to fall off thewagon. We try and nothing happens fast enough so we go back to our old list of excuses and stop in our tracks.

I totally get that. But as someone who has been there and once and for all made the switch I can tell you the change you seek is possible. You just need to figure out what is reasonable and possible for youand start there.

I do all kinds of stuff I used to think was absolutely crazy and just not for people like me. Running ridiculous distances, lifting big ass weights and possibly the most insane partenjoying it. Immensely. But I didnt start with these goals, and they may never be yours.

The truth is I lost the first 80lbs in my neighborhood and my living room. I had 5lb weights, a library card (for books and fitness DVDs) and eventually invested about 100 bucks in new running shoes and a craigslist jogger stroller. I started by walking the dogs 3 days a week around the block. I slowly added hills. Even more slowly added jogging. If I hadnt in there somewhere found a passion for movement, doing a 20 minute turbo jam DVD a few days a week would have kept the 80lbs off.

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You dont have to run a marathon. You dont have to become a vegan. You dont have to be me, or that fit lady at work, other women or anyone at all but you. All you have to do to meet these lofty, elusive get fit goals is figure out what you are willing to do and do it. Consistently.

If you make no other changes but walk around the block a few times a few days a week you will lose weight and improve your fitness level. True story. But the bottom line is your fitness level and weight for that matter are up to you. They are a result of your behaviors. Inaction is also a choice, meaning if you do nothing you are choosing to remain the same. Its up to you.

Likewise, I am currently not willing to cut out all indulgences. I eat what I like. I eat mostly healthy things but indulge without guilt in whatever the hell I please. (Often to the utter dismay of those around me but thats a whole other post). I also dont have a six pack. Because Im not willing to make the kinds of dietary changes that would reveal that for my body. Put simply- Im not currently willing to have a six pack.

Its not that I dont think they are beautiful. When I see a woman with an amazingly defined stomach I am truly in awe of that accomplishment. Its possible that in the future I may change my aspirations and modify my diet to attain such a feat. At this point Im not willing to and thats fine with me. Its a choice Ive made. I dont often run around showing my stomach to people, I dont have a fitness modeling contract which requires amazing abs and Im happy with what Ive got. But I realize I didnt get crappy genes or bad luck that doesnt allow me that kind of body. Im not currently choosing it. Im not currently willing.

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What are you willing to do? What would you realistically enjoy doing? (Or as in my case, could you aspire to eventually enjoy?)

It may not happen overnight. I myself ran 6 days a week for 6 months before I started to love it. In the beginning I loved that I accomplished what I had set out to do. I liked the feeling of sweating. I liked feeling stronger. But to like running? That was for crazy people. But on approximately the 156th run I discovered a rhythm. I discovered peace in running. I found myself lost in it. One hundred and fifty six runs in. And there is absolutely nothing miraculous about me. I didnt do anything you yourself couldnt do. I just kept going.

*Ive said it before but it bears mention that when I began it took me a whole week to work up to jogging for an entire minute*

Pick a place to start. And get started. I promise as soon as you start to see the results that consistency can bring to your life you will get hooked. The first 80lbs came off of me at about 2 lbs a week. Average. Though many times I went weeks on end without seeing the scale budge.

If you are completely honest with yourself you already knew that. That there was no magic bean. If Janet Jackson has to work hard to lose weight than we all do. She would have the means to the bean right? And we understand the baby-steps work it takes to do other things. No one wakes up one day and decides to be a doctor and is then surprised they cant just be handed a white coat. Anything worth doing requires some work. But again, it doesnt have to mean running a marathon. Getting your fitness GED might be right up your alley and is at least a really great place to start.

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Pick something realistic for you. Dust off that old buns of steel tape. Put on some tennis shoes and go for a walk around your neighborhood. Take the stairs up and down a few times during your lunch break. Our lives and goals are not the same. None of us. So dont look to what others are doing and decide there is no way you could do that. Pick what you can do and see where it takes you. Commit to yourself. Become WILLING to be the new youand the new you will inevitably rise!

Keep me posted and as always, let me know if I can help!

Love, Mama

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