A dude’s perspective; super models and swag

Note from Mama: This is a guest post written by a co-worker and friend:

So The other day I read a fit mama trainings blog about Why Women Love to Hate Victorias Secret Models. Her post talks about the Victorias Secret fashion show and the mildly venomous posts she saw on facebook regarding the models. This of course got the comment section rolling, which is awesome. I love a good debate. Still, at the core of it was the message; love yourself, and quit paying attention to what everyone else is doing.
I want to offer a male perspective on whats hot. Because what it came down to in my eyes was either people loving the post or taking offense to the models, the industry the patriarchy, your mothers dog. What Im saying is people were getting a little salty, and the issues that were being raised could take a lifetime to debate. What wasnt getting any attention was swag. For those of you who dont listen to Lil Wayne ASAP Rocky and the like, swag is short for swagger. Its something that is hard to define as each persons swag is different, but when youve got it you know it.

For my cream I cook some of the best food in town, meaning Im in the trenches on the line 40 hours a week. that kind of boiler room atmosphere breeds some of the crudest conversations this side of hell nowhere. We often joke that if we ever had a reality television show wed never get a date again. All the talk, bad jokes and 101 different names for genitals aside, were probably more real with each other than most guys. You have to be, if youre going to walk through hell together. Thats why Im an authority on whats hot. You wont find us throwin up the #realtalk tag to often on the line, rather it comes out shyly after a beer or two. When were done bumping chests and trying to prove whos got bigger teeth.

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But enough about me, lets talk about that swag. I dont know a single guy who really gives a single what about a jean size. It never comes up. No one is comparing a girls waist to what we see in magazines. Sure were gonna talk about how smokin hot the idea of that girl in the mag is, but its just talk. Talk thats forgotten the minute the conversation changes. The women we love are some of hottest girls weve ever met and they wouldnt be caught in a VS line up. Nor would we want that. What makes each girl hot is unique to her, but it has little to do with the stats and so much more with how she carries what shes got. When she walks, you know, she knows shes bad. Head up shoulders straight, looks us in the eye. Let go of the insecurities socialization has crammed down your throat. I know its a hard thing to do. believe me. As a 52 male Ive had to get rid of a few myself. I got my swag on lock though. Seriously though, Youve got the body youve got, and where ever you are, there you are. Time to start loving that body. When you love yourself and are comfortable in the physical, it shows and its hot. I dont want to be with someone who Im constantly trying to build up. I want someone on my level. I got mad swag, I want my girl to be my equal.

I like curves, but I dont need them to conform to a set of predetermined values. Bottom line, What makes you sexy is your mind, or soul if you will. If youre a beautiful person, I want to know you. If you believe in yourself it shows. While everyone else is wining and crying about why theyre not perfect, Ill be that trill guy watching for the girl who knows shes awesome. If you dont respect yourself no one else will.

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A small aside on the VS girls, they are hot. They have swag. See the way they walk? confidant. Thing is, I dont know any of them, I dont know what their personality is like. Sure theyre hot, but Im not thinking about them when I dream of the girl for me. Im thinking about a girl here in town whos confidant, tough, sensitive, beautiful, accomplished, dreams, and has the surest step around. Im so smitten and she doesnt even know it. Why? Cause of that Swag.

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