Some days you DON’T want to work out.

Believe it or not the difference between people who work out regularly and those that dont is simply that. Working out. It isnt that they have more time or better genetics or an unwaivering commitment. They just do it.

But whether you are contemplating starting working out for the first time, getting back into the swing of things or you are a regular gym rat; some days you just wont wanna.

Sometimes I wake up with pretty much the least possible amount of enthusiasm for doing lunges. So here is my short list of quick motivators to get my unmotivated booty to the gym.

1. Have a workout specific place, rather than means your living room with a mat or a gym designate a place you can go to.

2. Drag yourself to said spot and tell yourself you only have to do 15 minutes. You will almost always end up doing more once you start moving but telling yourself you only need to be active for a small amount of time seems less daunting when you dont feel it.

3. Make a playlist. If yours is tired ask a friend to dub you a copy of their favorite, or check out some of mine. Just be sure its full of music that makes you happy and makes you want to move. I even have a specific playlist for the days I need extra motivation.

4. Coffee. Im not a big coffee drinker but every once and awhile a small cup gives me just enough pep in my step to literally make me workout. I dont recommend going crazy on this one, and avoid sugar/artificial sweeteners but when used in moderation a little coffee can go a long way. (Green tea works too!)

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5. Try to focus on how awesome and strong you will feel after your workout and not the parts you dont enjoy. Of course when you think of doing something like a burpee your motivation wanes, so think about stretching at the end or the easy warm up and head out the door.

6. Switch up your routine. It could be that your best laid workout plans have gotten stale. Read through a fitness magazine, jump online, hire an online personal trainer (*shameless plug*) find something new to do that you can look forward to.

7. Get a new outfit. I dont know anything about how dudes feel about their workout attire, but Im always more excited to do anything when I look good and feel good. Im not balling out of control over here, so Ill just paroose the sale section at old navy and get a new tank top for two bucks. Doesnt have to be a big thing, just a little pick me up.

8. Along the same lines I recommend rewarding your progress with more awesome workout stuff. I find that these things keep me excited to hit the gym and always doing something new means improved results as well. My most recent purchases being the gym boss and a foam roller, but jump ropes and swiss balls are under 10 dollars so whatever youre looking to spend theres something for ya.

9. Set a new goal. A race. A new kind of challenge. Maybe this is the year you do a pull up or perhaps you finally walk up that hill. Whatever your mountain is set forth a specific plan to climb it and getting out of bed is so much easier.

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10. Just go. Put one foot in front of the other. Do it a few more times and it will be all over.

I know its hard to make yourself workout sometimes. Some days my workout mojo is just mysteriously missing. Sometimes these days last more like weeks. But trust and believe that yourconsistency will pay off. Excellence is a habit. And your new body wont carve itself out of you so go get it!

Love, Mama

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