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I love massages in theory, but it wasnt until recently that I started getting body work regularly. My Mother in law is a great massage therapist in Kansas City, MO and she gave me regular prenatal massages when I was expecting my daughter. It was wonderful. But then I moved to Lawrence.

A few years ago I met my dear friend Karen. Her daughter and mine are best friends and so we spent the mom time together but quickly grew to be the sort of friends who call each other to hash out life-stuff together. Love her. I first started going to Susie when I hurt my back and now see her once a month at least. =)

Karen is someone who is easy to be around, trust worthy and really puts you at ease. As comfortable as I now am with my body, getting naked for someone new usually comes with at least a smidge of anxiety. Made worse, I think, when its someone you know. I didnt have this issue with her.

She does several kinds of traditional massage. All of which are amazing. If thats what you are after I would recommend her again and again. But (heres the hippy stuff) there is more to her than that.

Before I delve into talking about energy I want to say that this is all very new to me. I try to be open to new ideas and experiences. I want to learn about different ways people find peace in their lives. Im open. But not gullible. The idea of someone working with or on my energy is something I would have nodded politely about and then probably dismissed a year ago. So if you are that person, know that I know where you are coming from and get it. This isnt something Im writing to convince anyone of anything. Different strokes. No big deal. Its simply an experience I wanted to share.

So I went to Susie for our regular appointment one day and I had a very heavy heart. Without getting into all my personal details, I was completely distraught with personal matters. When she cheerfully asked Whats going on today? All I could do was cry. Big, heavy, from the gut cry. I said I just wanted to feel better. She comforted me and then just suggested we take it to the table.

When she came in Susie started the way she usually does with clients like myself who are open to it by simply placing her hands on my body to see what was going on. A diagnostics of sorts. I dont get it. I dont question it, I just trust her to do her thing. On this day she did something she had never done before. She came around to my head and began pressing firmly on my chest where my heart is. I was confused. But it felt really good. With every push the stories/worries/issues in my mind got quieter and quieter as though she was shutting them up. Maybe 3 pushes in my head was suddenly clear. She took a deep breath, placed her hands on my shoulders and said, your body is a good listener.

Its a really difficult experience to explain. I had no idea what she was doing. But it was as though there was a huge storm swirling around in my head and she stopped it. Abruptly. Calm waters. It is probably the most surreal and peaceful thing I have ever experienced.

Then she went about giving me my usual massage, making comments (as I like that) about places that were out of whack as she went. I left feeling amazing. But I didnt ask about the heart thing. I was so stunned by it during the session but it brought me so much peace I just wanted to go with it. Hell, if Im big, heavy, from the belly sobbing and smelling pickle juice would bring me calm, Id do that!

About a month went by and I finally remembered to ask Susie about that day. She told me that she didnt remember. She does meditation/rituals to let go of others energy after sessions and at the end of the day. If that language is weird for you, think of it a different way people who work with people (social workers, body workers, therapists, lots and lots of examples actually) have to protect themselves from carrying other peoples stuff with them all the time. Even if its just a ritual for letting it go during your commute. In any case, Karen lets stuff go. She told me that while she didnt remember that specific thing that in theory there was a blockage at my heart chakra and she was working on that. She said that she can do stuff like that during a session but it isnt a cure as even if she gets energy moving the client has to continue to do work on their own to keep it.

Ive since been seeing Karen as often as I am able. Small injuries, little pain and general need for relaxation are all great reasons to see her. But I find that I always leave with so much more peace of mind than I came with. I ask her things about what my body tells her, and she tells me things about my life she wouldnt have otherwise known. How Im holding certain things in my body. If Im open or closed in some way. I find it insightful, fascinating and SO helpful.

She also has clients that like traditional massage and none of the hippy stuff. Shes great at that too. =)

All that to say, there are lots of ways to care for your body and spirit. The more I open myself up to try new things, even sometimes things I wouldnt have considered before, the better I feel. I probably would have never seen anyone who did energy stuff if it hadnt been for my closeness with her. If I saw anyone but her, like any practitioner, I would do research and be cautious in finding someone who I was comfortable with.

But if you are in the area, I really cant recommend Karen enough. Shes fixed what ails me so many times, and from wonky foot pain to big belly sobs Im grateful every time I leave feeling better than I had imagined.

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